I was raised in a small town in Eastern Poland, surrounded by one of the largest nature parks in Europe, "Biebrza National Park".
I grew up in a multigenerational and multicutural family under the strong influence my father and Russian grandfather, Szymon Zub. Father gave me first drawing lessons, grandfather opened to me world  of poetry and old Russian songs. My later works was influenced by Polish, Jewish, Russian, Ukrainian culture and traditions, as well as a childhood surrounded by the wilderness that encouraged my sensitivity and strong feelings of individualism.
After graduating from high school, I started to paint more and experiment with different art forms. I changed places and universities several times, looking for a good place with the possibility of artistic development. Important experience was work as miner in the coal mine while conducting my search, and later joined the Fine Arts Faculty at the University of Torun, where developed my potential and became a professional artist.
From that time on, I has been heavily engaged in visual art as independent artist.
My works are housed in various private collections all over the world. Also been commissioned by compound corporations and institutions, such as the Clinic in Dortmund (Germany) in 2005. For the clinic, I created 53m long wall panel.

German art critic Susanne Graff said,
" Karwowski has created own style, from his images comes colorful light, which is created by perfection in his workshop. Expression of color and light  gives metaphorical meaning for figurative elements in his paintings. The power of his paintings, aside from illuminating colors, comes from the richness of meanings and certain multilayer by which Karwowski ’s paintings are far from simple decorative function.
This painting intrigue, seduce variety of forms , their reception requiring close contact and time, to fully range of means of expression "



clinik in Dortmund

studio ACT in Cologne




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Green Angel - 200x175 acrylic on canvas

Red Figure - 100x80 acrylic on canvas

Landscape / Italy serie - 110x50 acrylic on canvas

On the beach / Italy serie 140x95 acrylic on canvas

Summer - 145x200 acrylic on canvas

Riviera / Italy serie - 140x 90 acrylic on canvas

Figure - 80x60 acrylic on canvas

On the beach - 80x60 acrylic on paper

Amsterdam 01 - 80x60 acrylic on canvas

Nude - 100x80 acrylic on canvas

Nude - 100x80 acrylic on canvas

Nude - 100x80 acrylic on canvas

Amsterdam 02 - 100x80 acrylic on canvas

On the beach - 80x60 acrylic on canvas

City - 100x80 acrylic on canvas

Mystery - 110x90 acrylic on canvas

Four/Four - 80x65 acrylic on canvas

Poem - 78x58 acrylic on paper

City - 50x35 acrylic on canvas

Landscape - 50x35 acrylic on canvas